by Hell To Pay

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released March 27, 2014

recorded by Jared Stimpfl at Captured Studios
mastered by Damian Righi at Righi Recording



all rights reserved


Hell To Pay Allentown, Pennsylvania


contact/booking: helltopayhc@gmail.com

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Track Name: Fire
shes dead
wrapped in plastic
shut your eyes
the fire
is the devil
like a coward
in the smoke
walk with me
Track Name: Idiot Box
spoon-feed identity
filter the press
fuck the heads
of the youth
youre swallowing shit
every last bit
tiptoeing over the truth
everyones equal
but not good enough
if you don’t have the newest
you better catch up
you made your bed
of the finest cloth
now lie in it
and return to dust
bite the bullet
Track Name: I Am Providence
the son of man
bring tranquility
a sign of hope
at peace
we float
At the end of a rope
A holy light
Shines down on me
the son of man
the son I am
At the end of the beds where they sleep
I stand in wait helping them to count sheep
On the search for serenity complete
Blood will fall like rain at my feet
Time slips by with every grain of sand
Make way, for the new world begins
This life that they take for granted
I will tear from their greedy hands
I am providence
Track Name: Rattle The Chains
are we blind
or do we just not care
as long as we turn
the other cheek
we can choose not to see
the things we dare not believe
its easy not to give a fuck
when its not in your backyard
rattle the chains
break the grip
smash the fingers of the iron fist
make the change
fuck the script
you must not be listening
if you aren’t fucking pissed
wake up belittled
every day
the American way
sit on your bed
wondering just
what pile of shit
youll step in today
the pigs in the street
keep the wolves at the door
never a rift in the loop for the corporate whore
if this is the dream wake me up
a letter your senator just doesn't cut it
as deep as a 9mm bullet
wake me the fuck up
Track Name: Bastard
god damn the bastard
locked in his cell
god damn the millions
holding on to hell
Never ending bloodshed
In the search for perpetual peace
The dead stay dead
And the living should envy them
thanks but no thanks
ill keep to myself
while you look for the next one
to nail to the cross
youve been looking for a way out
and i guess you found it at the end of a rope
heaven is when im with you
hell is where im at right now
lock. load. breathe
And send me home
and begin again